Cedar Pollen Allergen ELISA Kit “Cry j2”

EIA kit to determine Cry j1 and 2

Reagent for Research Purpose


This kit is based on sandwich-type enzyme immunology, using antibody specific to Cry j1/Cry j2, a cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) pollen allergen.

  • PurposeDetermine the quantity of Cry j1/Cryj2, a ceder (Cryptomeria japonica) pollen allergen in samples.
  • FeaturesTotal reaction time : 2.5 hours Can be detected from concentration as follows : Cry j1 ≧0.8 ng/mL / Cry j2 ≧10 ng/mL Fast and easy detection by sandwich EIA No need for a special pre processing
  • Product Name Cedar Pollen Allergen ELISA Kit “Cry j2”
  • Product Code / Package「Cry J2」:1Z32 96 test
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