BAC Transgenic

Semi-Knockin Mouse, Rat

Contract generation of transgenic mice and rats by introducing precisely genome-edited sequences

A mouse (rat) model that expresses reporter genes (GFP, luciferase etc.) selectively in specific cells and tissues is very useful for analysis of gene function in vivo. However, with conventional transgenic mouse (rat) technology, it was a very difficult task to accurately express foreign genes in target cells and tissues.
In addition, evaluating of SNP effects in vivo was more than a realistic project because a conventional transgenic mouse model has limitations in transgene size and expression fidelity.

A Semi-Knockin Mouse (Rat)TM is an animal model introduced with a recombinant BAC transgenic construct harboring a transgenes (reporters, Cre, epitope tags, etc) in the specific mouse (rat) gene locus generated by BAC recombineering. In addition to the core promoter, all expression controlling units including tissue-specific enhancers and insulators can be introduced to a host animal, so it is possible to observe the transgene expressed selectively in specific cells and tissues as good as an authentic knockin mice. Also, if there is a human BAC clone containing the gene of interest, a chimeric human-mouse BAC transgenic mouse (rat) with a full length of the human gene coding region in place of the mouse (rat) orthologue gene locus can be easily created.

What’s Semi-knockin mouse, Rat?

Semi-Knockin Mouse, Rat is our original product developed under the license of Red / ET technology from GeneBridges of Germany.