Authentic Gene Targeting

Contract generation of knockin / knockout mice

We will provide you a whole range of services for knockin mice generation, including targeting vector construction, mouse ES cell transfection, homologous recombinant screening and confirmation, chimeric mice production, F1 mice production, selection marker deletion from genome by Cre or Flp, and heterozygous mutant selection.
You can take an advantage of our outstanding gene construction by BAC recombineering.
We don’t amplify any genomic sequences by PCR, but clone every homology arm and inserted gene elements by Red/ET recombination. This enables high efficient and dramatically precise gene targeting, which results in functional gene insertion or replacement such as a mutant sequence, a reporter gene, loxP sequences or human genes. Because we carefully identify the targeted gene locus by Southern blotting, you can avoid frequently occurring non-homologous mutant mice.