IgG/IgM anti-HEV EIA

IgG/IgM anti-HEV antibody determination kit by EIA

Reagent for Research Purpose


IgG anti-HEV antibody is detected in sera of patients infected by hepatitis E virus (HEV) in the past, and IgM anti-HEV antibody is detected during the acute stage of infection with HEV.


The detection system of this kit is based on the enzyme immuno assay (EIA) and is made of 2 steps: the antigen-antibody reaction and the enzyme coloring reaction. The first antigen-antibody reaction takes place between the HEV antigen coated on the microplate and the anti-HEV antibody in samples while the second reaction takes place between the IgG/IgM anti-HEV antibody bound to the antigen coated on the microplate and the antibody labeled with enzyme (horseradish peroxidase labeled antibody). When the IgG/IgM anti-HEV antibody is present in samples, the first and the second reactions take place. Then, absorbance by color proportional to the amount of the IgG/IgM anti-HEV antibody in samples developed by enzyme reaction is measured.

※IgG/IgM anti-HEV EIA (product code 1Z23) is a made to order product.

  • PurposeDetection of IgG anti-HEV antibody or IgM anti-HEV antibody in human serum
  • FeaturesIgG/IgM anti-HEV antibody can be detected Recombinant HEV antigen is used High specificity and sensitivity Two-step sandwich EIA Test result: 2.5 hours
  • Product NameIgG/IgM anti-HEV EIA
  • Product Code / Package1Z23 96 tests
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